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Our solutions are specifically designed to yield growth in public sector development, working closely with the objectives set out to improve infrastructures, economics, environments, and the overall quality of life. 

We facilitate, support, implement, communicate, monitor and evaluate the vision of global organizations to improve the status of public sector challenges, thus creating frameworks that set out to achieve large scale social impact. 

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As a specialist development firm, Creative Box utilizes an assortment of strategies to achieve project growth. Our customers include government contractors, education sectors, professional services firms, non-profits, advanced technology companies, consulting organizations, professional staffing companies, system integrators, software vendors, service organizations, and associations. Our projects are meticulously strategized and communicated with purpose. Every aspect of consulting, research, data collection, design, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation of development projects funded by government and development partners, and social engagement is delivered with impact to drive results that surpass expectations.

‌When approaching a unique business sector, CreativeBox does extensive research that forms the base of a tailored solution designed to meet business objectives and successfully convey actionable strategies of purpose on every platform. CreativeBox understands the importance of an overall strategic plan and it is committed to focusing on every component that forms part of the big picture. CreativeBox is based in Johannesburg, South Africa but also provides virtual services to institutions all over the world. It is engaged on world-wide development issues, collaborating and supporting the lead work of Africa’s key continental and global organizations, as well as international organizations, United Nations systems, continental organizations (e.g. African Union and NEPAD), bilateral organizations such as USAID, UNESCO, UNICEF, GIZ, Walvis Bay Corridor Group, EAC, UNECA, AFDB, Africa Business Round Table and Private Sector Entities.

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Our team’s goal is to contribute to the improvement of quality services delivery in societies and to enhance project and programme implementation performance. It provides technical support services to client organizations based on their expressed needs. We are committed to contribute to collection and utilization of quality data for evidence-based planning and project designs.

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